Cinemascoop was founded in Athens, Greece in October 2019. It is an independent film production company of short and feature films and documentaries, as well as other cultural products. It consists of film professionals with an active presence in the greek film production but also artists with professional involvement in other fields of art, such as music and theater. It started as a collective of filmmakers and artists, and since June 2020, Cinemascoop acquired legal status as a Social Cooperative Enterprise. Cinemascoop aims in the production of cultural goods of high artistic value at low cost, making film and cultural production in our country more accessible to young creators. Among the goals of Cinemascoop is the development of collaboration with other artistic collectives, institutions and professionals of cinema and other arts with the aim of highlighting and promoting social, environmental, cultural and multicultural activities.Both the creative part of the film development and the organization of production, as well as the decisions concerning the development of the company are products of collective work and are taken on the basis of the equal participation of its members. | facebook | vimeo | +306932904350

'Stay' (in post-production, Nikos Vittis)
In Athens, during the crisis, on the eve of the holiday of August 15, two young people unknown to each other are forced to live together for a few days. The initial reservation turns into sympathy and then into romantic attraction. But life has other plans and all that's left is to express their desire.

'Father's Day' (2021, 21', Kostis Leventis)
Marios, a 12 year old boy, on his way to school, finds out something utterly unexpected.

'We Welcome You' (2020, 18', Kostas Lenis)
A group of five cyclists travel across Malawi to donate school uniforms to the children.

'War' (2020, 3', Dimitar Skobelev)
A sunny autumn day. Falling leaves. Two gardeners are facing each other in a war over territory. They did not expect what followed.

'Ayuda' (2020, 8', Kostas Tataroglou)
The last attempt and the last prayer of a man at the last-ditch effort for life. Comments and stands over the eternal process of flight and immigration.

'Arrows' (2019, 8', Nikos Vittis)
In a super market, where the paths are predetermined with arrows, a young man, when he tries to reach a young woman to give her a button she missed, finds obstacles while following the directions of the arrows.

'A Walk' (2019, 12', Kostis Leventis)
A father is going a walk with his son to the mountain, to say goodbye to their dog.

'Growing Relationships' (2017, 19', Kostas Lenis)
Through a series of wanderings in eco-communities across Greece, we see the dynamic of the relationships that are developed.